We've had some rather amazing shipping stories.  One that comes to mind is a project we did for Exxon Oil Company. It seems that when a new ship is built and put into service, it is christened and has a godmother. They wanted to purchase and present to the godmother a gift upon the christening of a huge new oil tanker.  They decided the perfect gift would be a work of art by a California artist as the ship was from California.  We worked with them to find the perfect piece of art for the occasion, which was a beautiful limited edition lithograph by Gregory Kondos.  We framed the work and shipped it to Washington D.C., where it went on to its destination in Korea where the christening took place.  The godmother, needless to say, was thrilled.

And I'm honored to say that I know of at least five of my paintings that have been shipped or hand-carried on airplanes to Greece to grace the homes of collectors in that beautiful country.

Ok - enough with the shipping stories!

We are happy to ship art any where in the world, and have successfully done so to such far away lands as Japan, Greece and Hawaii.

Please bear in mind that shipping art is a delicate matter and special care must be taken to ensure it arrives safely to its new home.  

Pricing will vary depending upon the artwork and its destination.  Please inquire if you would like to have your art purchase shipped.